Choosing the Right Dedicated Servers Based on your Needs

As far as a small business is concerned, the cheaper shared hosting might hinder the expansion potential. The upgrade to dedicated hosting is usually the step towards growth and more challenging competition.

Here we are going to discuss dedicated servers. There are many players on the market but only some understand how to play the game right. The main question is always somehow related to funds. How to survive the competition if you don’t have that much money to invest? One of the options is getting a cheap dedicated server. Finding a good cheap dedicated server with all the essential features is not that easy, but we will go through the main points of one and where to find it.

Types of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers come in different types – you can choose one in accordance with your handling expertise. If you are not expert in handling technical things then for sure it is suggest to go with one that is offering cPanel dedicated server. For technical know-how exporters there are plesk dedicated server  and Windows dedicated servers. Let us expand on that:

cPanel Dedicated Server: These servers commonly run Linux OS. You don’t have to do many things except installing your favorite CRM through applications like Softaculous or direct download. With Softaculous you can install industry leading CRMs such as WordPress, Joomla and many more. You don’t have to care about databases and low level setups.

Plesk Dedicated Server: These dedicated servers have Plesk control panel. Among the different types of control panels for servers, Plesk offers you a graphic interface. It’s robust, flexible and scalable as well.

Windows Dedicated Server: These servers come with all the essential software offered by Microsoft, like Office and SQL Server. You can also opt for the control panel from Plesk along with MS Visual Studio programming environments.

Furthermore, there are many different types of dedicated servers including DB servers, Cloud servers and video streaming servers. At some point you may need to choose a more specialized sort, but they require a bit more insight than the one highlighted above.

Where to find the best, cheap dedicated servers?

There are many great websites offering dedicated servers on affordable rates but I would like to mention HostAG. Why? Because I have personally tried it and I have faced no issues while subscribing for this webhost. There are other companies that are worth the money, but their dedicated support is, from my experience, unparalleled.

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The best Europe Colocation Data Centers

Talking practically, colocation is the best option for the businesses with wider IT and data management needs. Actually, colocation saves your funds which you spend for owning your data center.


Understanding the Basics of Colocation

Basically, colocation is the outsourcing service where you can store the data of your company so that it can be accessible through the web services authorized by you. Building your own infrastructure to host the data and the connected IT needs of your company may be costly and relocating it may cost you even more. Considering that, going for colocation (Europe colocation, specifically) is much more affordable and secure.

Why are mentioning bulgaria colocation? The reason is the accessing speed and infrastructure they offer. With easy access to high speed internet connection you receive the best services on very affordable prices with European colocation. These services are quite good in terms of bandwidth and privacy as well, definitely better than the Asian alternatives.

How it could be beneficial for you

First of all you must know the needs of your online business and website. Generally, big businesses opt for colocation for keeping their websites up all the time without any hassle. However, colocation is not limited to run the website only; it is basically to store your data on rented hardware resources. Since you have your own dedicated hardware resources the bandwidth automatically becomes higher but finally all it depends of the plan you have subscribed for.


This is a major point for colocation. Data centers are far more affordable and easily accessible. They are recommended for businesses which have wider reach and need a very high level of security, accessibility, privacy and storage.

Final Words

If your business needs 100% uptime and wider bandwidth then you must go with colocation, since your operating needs are hardly fulfilled by normal webhosting. Just find out the best service that is using a data center in Europe, because these datacenters offer you the top tier services along with highest data access speed.

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